Just Pitch It!

What are you waiting for?

Pitch your story NOW!

A month ago, a clinical psychologist I met at a BNI business networking meeting asked if he could buy me a coffee to learn more about my work teaching entrepreneurs how to get featured in the media.

“Of course,” I said and spent the next hour sharing what I love doing. I didn’t hear from him again until this week, when I received a joyful email telling me that he got published in a business magazine with the headline A psychologist’s top tips on building client relationships.

“I’m so excited! It’s three pages long in hard copy and online too. Can’t wait to tell you all about it,” he wrote.

So here I am, sharing what he did to get himself featured in the media. You can too!

1. Just do it

Be bold. Don’t talk yourself out of pitching your story because you’ve never done it before. What’s the worst thing that could happen? They might say no. But imagine if they said YES?

2. Now’s the perfect time

Don’t wait for your website to be perfect; for your blogs to be perfect; for your videos to be uploaded. There’s never going to be a better time.

3. Prepare your key messages

You’re the expert in your field. What topic do you want to discuss with your readers? What are the key points and examples you want to share?

4. Do your research

Find the journalist you’d like to contact and reach out. Make sure your topic is relevant to the journalist and publication.

5. Ask for an introduction

If someone in your network knows a journalist that you’d like to speak to, an introduction will help open the opportunity for you to pitch your story.

Don’t be afraid of taking that first step. You’ll learn something valuable each time you try. I promise you. Your confidence and inspiration will soar when you get featured for the first time. Just do it!